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Welcome to our StarGo back-office video tutorials. This video will demonstrate an overview of the ‘Licences’ tab.

Users can access the tab via two methods. First, use the search menu and search the database using the licence ID and address filters. Secondly, users can also access it by clicking on the ‘Licences’ tab in any other menu.

The licences tab contains all licence information for an application. Information is broken down across five sub-tabs. These are:

  • Details – Gives a general overview of the licence application. This includes all details submitted via the licence application process and information on the current status of the licence, including payment information.
  • Notes – Allows users to log any notes against a licence application. This is particularly useful if multiple teams have to collaborate to approve an application.
  • Documents – All related application documents are stored to aid users in the approval process. New supporting documents can be uploaded if received, and older documents deleted if they are no longer relevant.
  • Map – Pinpoints the exact location of where the licence is located. This feature is only available when a licence application has captured a full address.
  • Amends – Lists any amendments requested for the licence application.
  • Related licences – Gives users any associated licences to this particular application. For example, the original licence would be detailed here if this application is a renewal.

The ‘Actions’ menu contains a list of actions a user can perform. These include: approving a licence application, deleting a licence application, taking a new payment, composing an email and transferring a licence.

Users can also edit application information by clicking the ‘edit’ button in the top left.

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