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Welcome to our StarGo back-office video tutorials. This video will demonstrate how users can take payments in the back office.

Most payments will be made by a customer at the point of application. Occasionally some payments may need to be made for certain applications at a later date.

To access applications that require payment, users will need to use the search menu. A full video tutorial demonstrating how to use this function is available. The quickest way to show applications requiring payment is to use the ‘Licence status’ dropdown menu and select the ‘Pending payment’ option. Click on the ‘Search’ button, and a list of licence applications currently requiring payment will be displayed.

Click the application you want to take the payment for, and you will be taken to the ‘Licences’ tab. Click the ‘Actions’ button in the top right corner and select the ‘Take new payment’ option.

If an account has more than one licence requiring payment, the option to take a single payment for both applications is available. Ensure the applications you want to accept payments for are checked on the right-hand side. Click the ‘Take payment’ button to proceed to your selected payment gateway.

A Confirmation email will be sent to the customer to confirm the payment.

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