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Welcome to our StarGo back-office video tutorials. This video will demonstrate transferring a licence from one customer account to another.

To get started, a back-office user must first find the licence record they wish to transfer. They do this by using the search functionality within the system. You can watch our ‘Search function tutorial’ video for a more in-depth demonstration of utilising the search functionality.

Once a user has found the licence record they want to transfer, they have to click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu in the top right.

Select the ‘Transfer licence’ option.

A dialogue box will appear, prompting the user to type in the email address or part of the registered email address for the account where you want to transfer the licence. Click the ‘search’ button and select the account where you want to transfer the licence using the dropdown menu.

Click the ‘Confirm’ button to finalise the transfer.

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