Bus Stop Suspension Licensing Software

Digitise the application and approval of bus stop suspension and diversion requests.

Read our Cardiff Council and Kent County Council case studies.

StarGo’s cloud-based ‘Bus Stop Suspension Licensing Software’ is used for the application, management and enforcement of licences and permits.

StarGo is also used to manage multiple highways licences and permits e.g. street cafés, TTROs, scaffolding, Section 50s, A-boards, hoarding, cranes, smoking enclosures, and materials on the highway.

The StarGo solution consists of a smartphone-enabled portal where applicants can apply for and renew licences, a comprehensive back-office to manage the application process and a smartphone enforcement app for Highways Inspectors to check the validity of licences in the field and issue an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) where necessary.

Applicants can pay for their licences online in advance, negating the need to send invoices or wait for cheque payments to be cleared before approving and issuing a licence.

If required, StarGo can integrate with the DfT StreetManager system via API. StreetManager will plot the activity on a map displaying the following information from StarGo:

  • Licence number from StarGo
  • Activity type e.g. Skip, Scaffold etc.
  • Start and end dates

Download a copy of the latest StarGO  brochure here.

For more information on our ‘Bus Stop Suspension Licensing Software’ please call us on +44(0)1295 273 000 or visit our contact us page.

Some of the key features are:

  • Customer Licensing Application Portal – Businesses and individuals can create an online account in minutes, upload supporting documents for their applications and apply for multiple licences at once. Find out more.
  • Back Office Portal – Users can manage all account and application information in one cloud-based centralised system. Find out more.
  • Mobile Inspection and Enforcement Application – Highway Inspectors can use our smartphone application to access real-time licensing information, via an intuitive map, to improve compliance and issue an FPN if required.  Find out more.
  • Street Manager – StarGo can integrate with the DfT Street Manager system via API. Find out more.

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