Our Experience and Awards

Since 2001 StarTraq have been market leaders in technology to help police forces and local authorities globally with the automation of processing offences.


  • 2017 International Green Apple Awards
  • 2015 Prince Michael of Kent Awards
  • 2012 International E-Learning Awards
  • 2012 International E-Learning Awards (Honourable Mention)

What our customers say about us

“Software houses like StarTraq are more inclined to develop a tailored fit solution rather than try and impose existing systems that may be costly. Working with StarTraq to achieve our objectives has been rewarded by increased revenue for Cardiff Council and by enhancing the citizen experience in terms of our service delivery.” – Kathryn Palmer, Team Leader Delivery & Business Improvement, Cardiff Council

“Since the implementation of the StarTraq DOME, NYP has been able to process four times the offence volume than before.” – Dave Brown, Safety Camera Manager, North Yorkshire Police

“We decided to implement a new traffic enforcement programme, with a simple goal to reduce road deaths and improve overall road safety. StarTraq specified, customised, and installed their system remotely whilst training and support was delivered online.” – Rajeshwar Prasad, Manager ICT, Fijian Land Transport Authority

“StarTraq were able to tailor the DOME processing system to our business processes.” – Geoffrey Hall, CREST Manager, Derbyshire Constabulary

Some of our customers

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