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Enforcement Back Office Software

The Dynamic Offence Management and Enforcement (DOME) solution from StarTraq is a fully cloud-based ticket processing solution that enables the police and local authorities to process multiple offence types generated by enforcement cameras, paper tickets or handheld electronic devices. The DOME enforcement software can be used by authorities for speed enforcement, red light enforcement and other traffic violations. Documents are stored digitally, and the system can track and report on the progress of a ticket from initial capture through to driver education and court if necessary.

Download our latest StarTraq Dome leaflet here.

  • License Plate Recognition Software – The Dome automatically loads offence data from the images generated by enforcement cameras into the database. Find out more.
  • Verification and Adjudication – The Dome back office features a range of features to help staff quickly and accurately verify an offence. Find out more.
  • Document Management – Dome has a comprehensive document management solution (DMS). Find out more.
  • Batch Printing – Our batch printing module allows users to have multiple notice templates in use in one solution for printing and archiving offence notices and reminders. Find out more.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office – DomeForOffice is a set of plugins for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Find out more.
  • Management Reports – The Dome features comprehensive reporting and management tools. Find out more.
  • Court File Production – Generate court files at the click of a button. Find out more.
  • Automated Customisable Workflow – The Dome features a graphical workflow engine that drives business processes from start to finish. Find out more.
  • Optical Character Recognition – The Dome’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine ensures that data from all incoming documents and responses are accurate. Find out more.
  • Black / White List Functionality – Dome supports the import, management and use of black and white lists. Find out more.

Mobile Enforcement & Ticketing Application

Traqer is a mobile ticketing application that allows enforcement officers to use the latest mobile handheld technology to capture, upload and print a ticket for any violation from any location. Built using the latest web-app technology, Traqer is the smart choice for mobile ticketing.

Download our latest Traqer leaflet here.

  • Hardware Independent – Our mobile application is a ‘web-app’, allowing freedom of choice for authorities to use any smartphone device. Find out more.
  • Upload Evidence – Use a smartphones in-built camera to capture images and videos to upload evidence to an offence record. Find out more.
  • Targeted Enforcement – Use Google maps, location data and pinpoints to guide enforcement officers to invalid permits and licences. Find out more.
  • Address Look – Up – Quick Address enables enforcement officers to look up an offender’s address details instantly. Find out more.
  • Bluetooth Printing – Wirelessly print notices or tickets from anywhere using any Bluetooth printer. Find out more.
  • GEO – Tagging – Use a smartphones location services to pinpoint an exact location of an invalid permit or location of a permit application. Find out more.
  • Black / White List Functionality – Black and white lists can be cross referenced/checked during an offence’s verification. Find out more.
  • Customisable – Our application can be configured to the enforcement authority’s specifications. Find out more.

Online Evidence Review Portal

Our solution features the ability to nominate another driver online in a matter of moments. This cuts out the lengthy postal nominations process that motorists use in many jurisdictions worldwide. Drivers can also nominate a company if the vehicle is owned by a hire company or business. To speed up the nomination process further ‘quick address’ is available to populate the address field by entering a postal code.

Download our latest StarPortal leaflet here.

  • Evidence Review – Offenders can access the photographic and video evidence relating to their offence online. Find out more.
  • Document Review – Access all associated documents for an offence record such as: original notices, camera calibration certificates and location maps. Find out more.
  • Customisable Additional Information – Create a bespoke F.A.Q. section, add links to local road safety organisations and explain the enforcement process. Find out more.
  • Online Payments – StarPortal can link to any recognised payment gateways. Find out more.
  • Online Appeals – Review incident information and log an appeal online saving a huge amount of time and manpower. Find out more.


StarGO is a comprehensive licensing software application for the public sector. The system can be ‘fully hosted’ so that local government can optimise the services they provide for their citizens and provide value for money to council taxpayers. There are many aspects to public sector service provision. StarTraq’s experienced team can help local authorities with one specific service or provide digital transformation across multiple services. All services can be accessed by the public online using an internet enabled device.

If required, license information can be passed to the national DfT Street Manager solution via API.

Download the latest StarGo leaflet here.

Download our Cardiff Council case study here.

Download our Kent County Council case study here

  • Customer Licensing Application Portal – Create an online account in minutes to manage licence applications, upload supporting documents, apply and pay for multiple licences at once. Find out more.
  • Back Office Licensing Software – Review all application information, including supporting documents such public liability insurance, drawings and plans. Applications can be accepted or rejected by the back office staff at the click of a button. Find out more.
  • Mobile Inspection and Enforcement Application – Highway Inspectors have access to live permit information via an easy-to-use Google Maps interface. Active and inactive licences and permits is clearly displayed allowing Inspectors to quickly and clearly identify businesses operating without a valid or expired licence. Find out more.
  • Street Manager – StarGo can integrate with the DfT Street Manager system via API. Find out more.

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