Smartphone Enforcement Software

Use a smartphone enforcement application built on the latest mobile technology to issue tickets anywhere

StarTraq offers a mobile enforcement application, built using the latest mobile technology to allow police forces and local authorities across the world, to issue and print tickets from anywhere. Our application uses a smart device’s web-browser, this allows freedom of choice on hardware. The app works on popular operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google Android.

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Some of the key features are:

  • Hardware Independent – Our mobile application is a ‘web-app’, allowing freedom of choice for authorities to use any smartphone device. Find out more.
  • Upload Evidence – Use a smartphones in-built camera to capture images and videos to upload evidence to an offence record. Find out more.
  • Targeted Enforcement – Use Google maps, location data and pinpoints to guide enforcement officers to invalid / expired permits and licences. Find out more.
  • Address Look – Up – Quick Address enables enforcement officers to look up an offender’s address details instantly. Find out more.
  • Bluetooth Printing – Wirelessly print notices or tickets from anywhere using any Bluetooth printer. Find out more.
  • Geo – Tagging – Use a smartphones location services to pinpoint an exact location of an invalid permit or location of a permit application. Find out more.
  • Black / White List Functionality – Black and white lists can be cross referenced/checked during an offence’s verification. Find out more.
  • Customisable – Our application can be configured to the enforcement authority’s specifications. Find out more.

Offence processing software made simple.
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