Police and Council Enforcement.

DOME is a cloud-based back-office software solution used by Police Forces and local government for enforcement, such as speed enforcement. The DOME streamlines the processing of offences and violations from initial capture through to fine payment, driver education or court proceedings. Offences can be uploaded to the system from an enforcement camera, an e-ticketing application or a paper ticket.

DOME enables authorities to process many different offence types efficiently, including: speed enforcement, red-light running, parking, bus lane and yellow box infringements, littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling.

In 1999, StarTraq pioneered the automated enforcement of camera-generated traffic offences in South Africa. In 2001 StarTraq entered the UK Police Market and now provides its cloud-based back-office processing software to 50% of police forces in the United Kingdom and to other enforcement authorities overseas.

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Council Highway Licensing.

StarGO is an end-to-end software solution for managing highway licenses and permits. The cloud-based system, which interfaces with Street Manager, enables local government to digitise the application, approval, issuing and enforcement of any permit or licence, e.g. skips, scaffolding, TTROs and Section 50s.

The StarGo solution consists of a smartphone-enabled portal where applicants can apply for and renew licences, a comprehensive back-office to manage the application process and a smartphone enforcement app for Highways Inspectors to check the validity of licences in the field and issue an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) where necessary.

StarTraq’s experienced team can help local authorities with one specific service or provide digital transformation across multiple departments. All services can be accessed by the public online using any internet-enabled device.

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