Court File Production

Quick and easy court file creation by simply selecting which documents (all stored in the DOME) to include and print

The DOME features easy, time-saving court file generation by allowing users the freedom to select from a list of stored offence documents for printing in one court file pack. The DOME system also complies with the ‘BS 10008 Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information’ standard for the legal admissibility of electronic data.  A bespoke interface can be built for the electronic transfer of information and documentation to a 3rd party court system or receipts can be taken through our payment portal.

An average of 10% of cases go to court and it can take up to 45min to manually prepare a court file.  With the DOME it can be printed at the touch of the button or uploaded electronically and immediately if an interface to the courts system is available.

Download our latest StarTraq DOME leaflet here.

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