Environmental Enforcement Software

Environmental Enforcement Software

StarTraq’s Environmental Enforcement Software is fully hosted to streamline and automate your enforcement activities. It will manage your environmental FPNs from cradle to grave – taking care of issuance, reminder letters, payments and court file generation.

Local Authority clients utilising the service will have secure access to their own customised workspaces and data. Data will be segregated by Authority and stored securely.

Each client will have their own FPN, reminder letters and court docket templates loaded into the system. Offence types and FPN fine amounts will also be matched to the council’s individual business processes.

The StarTraq Environmental Enforcement as a Service solution is hosted within a Microsoft Azure environment which has a guaranteed up-time of greater than 99.9%.

Features of StarTraq Dome for Environmental Enforcement

  • Issue FPNs for any environmental offence including littering, dog fouling and fly tipping
  • Automate the processing of notices for ‘duty of care’ and ‘failure to produce waste documents’
  • Payments can be made by the offender almost immediately after the FPN has been issued
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate court files with our CourtDockets and Microsoft Office plugins
  • Upload FPNs from handheld electronic devices
  • Batch printing software to issue initial FPNs, reminders and debt recovery letters
  • Integration with Microsoft Word to create reusable prepopulated letter templates
  • Full document management system to attach the evidence to individual records
  • Manage appeals efficiently and fairly online
  • Dashboards and drag-and-drop reporting for real time management information
  • Immediate online payment provision for offenders

StarTraq are experts in providing solutions to help authorities to enforce environmental related incidents. We can help with:

  • Environmental Enforcement Software – Automate environmental enforcement operations with our cloud based back office software and mobile enforcement application to help keep the streets clean. Find out more.
  • Smartphone Enforcement Software – Use a smartphone enforcement application built on the latest mobile technology to issue tickets anywhere. Find out more.

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