Verification and Adjudication

Use in-built image enhancement tools and workspaces to verify an offence quickly and efficiently

StarTraq Dome's image enhancement tools

StarTraq DOME - Image Enhancement Tools

StarTraq Dome's workspaces functionality to organise a users workload

StarTraq DOME - Workspaces

Help staff quickly and accurately verify an offence

The StarTraq DOME cloud based back office has a range of features to help staff quickly and accurately verify an offence in the office or online at home. These include:

  • Image and Thumbnails – Multiple images can be displayed for a single offence. This includes the original images from the camera or video, and processed images from the DOME e.g. a driver picture or registration plate image.
  • Image Enhancement Tools – DOME has multiple tools to assist with verification. These include adjusting the contrast and brightness, zooming in and out, image cropping and inverting an image. Any enhancements made can be saved as a new image against the offence’s record.
  • Stop and Grab – Allows users to capture additional images from the original video file relating to an offence.
  • Inbox Workspaces – Create a flexible environment to share workload between individuals and teams. For example, one team may be designated to process speeding offences in jurisdiction A, a second team may be focused on processing red light offences in jurisdiction B and a third team may be focused on reviewing offences relating to emergency vehicles in jurisdiction C.
  • Privacy – In some jurisdictions there is a requirement to blank/blur out the identity of the driver or passenger in a vehicle. StarTraq’s DOME software allows a user to manually blank out a section of an image or it can automate the blurring of everything in the image except the number plate.

Download our latest StarTraq DOME leaflet here.

StarTraq Dome inbox overview screen
StarTraq DOME’s inbox is where all incident information and media are displayed.
Manual blank out tool                            Auto blur function

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