Online Evidence Review Portal

Online nomination of another driver for a traffic violation to avoid the hassle and cost of posting

Our Online Evidence Review Portal solution features the ability to nominate another driver online in a matter of moments. This cuts out the lengthy postal nominations process that motorists use in many jurisdictions worldwide. Drivers can also nominate a company if the vehicle is owned by a hire company or business. To speed up the nomination process further ‘quick address’ is available to populate the address field by entering a postal code.

StarPortal provides an easy and cost effective way for the public to comply with the enforcement authority’s processes. It also enables the police force to achieve and exceed their service delivery targets.

Key features

  • Access to photographic evidence of an offence
  • Ability to nominate another driver
  • Access to all associated supporting documentation for an offence such as: Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), camera calibration certificates and location maps
  • Access to a customisable F.A.Q. section to give information without the need to call or contact the police force
  • View supporting video of an offence
  • Links to local or national road safety groups to help promote road safety and education
  • Installed locally or hosted by StarTraq

Key Benefits

  • Easy for the public to nominate online
  • Instant confirmation for the public that the nomination has been received
  • Sorting, opening and scanning not required in the back office
  • Data entry not required in the back office
  • It’s greener
  • Provides strong evidence a NIP has been received

Download our latest StarPortal leaflet here.

For more information on our Online Evidence Review Portal please call us on +44(0)1295 273000 or contact us online.

Online Review Portal

  • Evidence Review – Offenders can access the photographic and video evidence relating to their offence online. Find out more.
  • Document Review – Access all associated documents for an offence record such as: original notices, camera calibration certificates and location maps. Find out more.
  • Customisable Additional Information – Create a bespoke F.A.Q. section, add links to local road safety organisations and explain the enforcement process. Find out more.
  • Online Payments – StarPortal can link to any recognised payment gateways. Find out more.
  • Online Appeals – Review incident information and log an appeal online saving a huge amount of time and manpower. Find out more.

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