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Welcome to our StarGo back-office video tutorials. This video will demonstrate how to process and approve a licence application.

To get started, a user will have to find the application they want to process using the search functionality. Please watch our ‘Search function tutorial’ video for an in-depth guide on fully using this menu.

For this example, I will change the ‘licence status’ dropdown menu to ‘pending approval’ and click the ‘search’ button. This will display all licences that need approval in the system. This will make it much quicker for me to find the licence application I need to approve.

Click on the result row to expand the licence application. All the information provided in the application will be displayed in front of you in the ‘Licences’ tab. Once you have reviewed the application using the information and supporting documents provided, click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu and click ‘Approve Licence’.

The licence status will then be changed from pending approval to active.

An automated email, using the ‘licence issued’ template will be sent to the applicant to confirm the approval.

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