17. Court Sub Menu Overview (0:56)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will give you an overview of the ‘Court’ sub menu.

This menu allows system administrators to manage court information in the system.

The menu gives you access to the following sub menus:

  • ‘Court Status’ – Allows users to create different workflow court statuses for an offence to be in. This could be as simple as ‘send to court’ or if your court process has more steps, you can create multiple statuses.
  • ‘Court Type’ – Allows users to create different reasons for an offence to been sent to court. Such as high speed or failed to nominate a driver.
  • And finally, ‘Court Location’ – Allows users to create, edit or delete courthouse locations in the system.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about using the Court Sub Menu in StarTraq Dome

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