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Welcome to another new features video. This video will demonstrate the Dome’s dashboard functionality for the StarPortal module.

The StarPortal dashboard is a reporting tool for managers that displays an overview of the online activity from members of the public. Rather than having the reporting information in columns, it is displayed in customisable dashboard charts. Each of the 7 dashboard charts display a different set of data. Managers can customise a chart by selecting the date range of the information displayed. This date range is then stored as the default preference for the user’s login.

The dashboard charts displayed are:

  • Activities – shows the number of successful and unsuccessful logins and total number of nominations made through StarPortal.
  • Login attempts by device type – shows the total number of logins broken down by what device used. Either a mobile device or desktop.
  • Login attempts by browser types – shows the total number of logins broken down by which web-browser used, for example Google Chrome.
  • Company nominations – shows the total number nominations made nominating or not nominating a company.
  • Option selected – shows the total number of nominations made and what ‘option’ was selected. These include not having the driver details, transfers of ownership, hire company nominations and providing correct driver details.
  • Successful activity per hour – shows the total number of successful activities performed per hour of a 24-hour period, this information is broken down into successful logins and successful nominations.
  • Finally, failed logins – shows the total monthly failed login attempts and the reason for that failed login, for example incorrect passcode or incorrect VRM has been entered.

All the data from the dashboards is also exportable to a CSV file, this allows users to run their own reports using third party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

StarPortal dashboards are accessible to users who have the correct permission level and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Reports/Stats’ menu and selecting it from the ‘Dashboards’ sub menu.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the StarPortal dashboards functionality in StarTraq Dome

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