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Welcome to another new features video. This video will demonstrate the latest improvements to the DOME’s dashboard reporting function.

The Dome’s dashboard reporting displays an overview of the data in the system to administrators and managers. Rather than having the reporting information in columns, it is displayed in customisable charts. The latest update has added many new dashboards to support managers in running their central ticketing office.

Dashboard charts are now organised alphabetically, finding the charts you want to use has never been so easy. The new added dashboards include:

  • Documents – Classifications type and user
  • And Documents – Doc replies by type and user

The biggest improvements to Dashboards have been made to the graph parameters. Graph parameters can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Cog’ wheel icon in the top right-hand corner of a chart. Graph parameters allow administrators, team leader or managers to customise the information displayed on a selected chart. Please note that not all charts have customisable graph parameters. The best way to demonstrate these new features is by showing the ‘Total manual work done’ chart.

This chart has five graph parameters options you can work with.
The first and most simple is the ’show total for all users’ button. When clicked this shows a summary of total work done by each user including all actions. This option is preferable if you wish to see a complete overview of all the work done by your users.
Often central ticketing offices are broken up into multiple teams or departments. This means that you may want to check on the performance of a single user, team, or department. To do this you can use the drop-down menus to select what permission group, user, action type and date range you wish to filter.

For example, you can look at the number of accepted offences which a select group of users have accepted. To do this we are going to select the users we want from the ‘Select user’ drop down and then select the correct action type of ‘Image accept’ from the ‘Select action type’ drop down. Finally, choose the ‘Select date range’ from the drop-down menu. Click the save button to display your results.

You can also click on the data on some charts to display the information in the Dome’s Inbox.
There is now no limit to the number of dashboards that can be displayed at once. This was previously limited to 6 charts, but because of speed improvements to the way the data is accessed by the Dome, it means that the charts can be displayed more quickly.

To find out more about Dashboard reporting, please contact support@startraq.com

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