Document and Image Verification Alerts (01:52)

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Welcome to another new features video. This video will demonstrate the StarTraq Dome’s ‘Document and Image Verification Alerts’ feature.

DOME users who verify offences or documents are often processing huge numbers of offences and records each day. This means that sometimes users may miss an issue highlighted by our workflow as the system has already moved them onto the next record. To stop this from happening we have created configurable alerts for when an image or document is being verified. This is a set of rules with conditions that, if matched, will display a configurable alert. The alert criteria are checked when the accept button is clicked, but before the image or document is changed to a ‘verified state’ so the workflow does not trigger. If the alert criteria are not a match for that offence, the image or document continues along the workflow and is accepted. If the alert criteria are a match for that offence, then a pop-up alert displays with the alert text from each rule it matches.

Users are offered the option to Proceed Anyway, which will allow the document or image to accept as normal, or Cancel, which goes back to the image or document you are verifying so you can take a different action.

For example, in the image verification stage an alert could be triggered if a cloned vehicle is detected or if it is a vehicle of interest for any other reason.

Another example in the document verification stage could trigger an alert if there have been multiple nominations or it is a foreign driver.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the ‘Document and Image Verification Alerts’ functionality in StarTraq Dome

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