Miscellaneous Document Scanning in Dome Local Scan (02:14)

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Welcome to another new features video. This video will demonstrate StarTraq’s ‘Miscellaneous document’ scanning via our Dome Local Scan application.

Miscellaneous documents are documents that are stored once but associated to multiple offences, for example, camera calibration certificates and location maps.

To assist in uploading these documents we have created a new Scan Mode called “Miscellaneous Document”. This option enables you to scan a document to a Camera unit, a Location code, or a Film number in the Dome.

Once you select to scan a miscellaneous document, you must indicate whether it is a Camera document followed by selecting the Camera unit, a location document followed by typing in the Location Code, or a film document followed by typing in the film number.

The Camera unit, location code or film number MUST exist in the Dome already. For example, if you are adding a document to a new location, please ensure the location is already set up in the Dome.

Next, the Document must be given a name, and can optionally be given a Description, a valid from date and a valid to date.

When you click scan, the scanner will be initiated, and then the image will attempt to upload to the Dome.

If the scan is successful, you will see the Uploaded count increase by 1, the scanned image will be attached to the defined camera, location or film and you will be able to see this document in the Dome.

If the scan is not successful, you will see the unallocated count increase by 1, and will be able to review why it has failed in the unallocated screen. Click on the word unallocated to view this screen if it is not already open.

When you review why the document has failed, you will need to Delete the scan from the upload errors and re-try the scan correcting any issues. For example, if the location code doesn’t exist in the Dome; check that you entered the correct code, or add the new location to the Dome and then retry.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the ‘Miscellaneous Document Scanning in Dome Local Scan’ functionality in StarTraq Dome

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