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Welcome to another new features video. This video will take you through the latest enhancements to the comments section in the DOME.

The comments section in the Dome is used to log any comments or notes against an offence record. Previously these comments would all be manually typed and added to a record.

With the introduction of pre-typed comments, it means users can setup and save pre-typed comments that can be easily added to any new comment or as a new comment on a record.

Creating a pre-typed comment is easy, users only need to browse to the ‘Comments Tab’ on the Dome.

From this tab click the ‘New’ button, you can either create a new blank comment or insert a favourite pre-typed comment (if you have some saved) using the ‘Preset Comments’ menu on the right.

Users can also add multiple pre-typed comments into a new blank comment. To do this, you will need to open a new blank comment and then select the pre-typed comments you wish to include from the menu on the right.

Pre-typed comments will enable users to create comments that they can use on a regular basis. These comments could include allowing for a late NIP to be processed, issuing of online passcodes, confirmation of repetitive tasks and so on.

Pre-typed comments can be sorted by the date they were added or alphabetically. Alternatively, users can select their favourite comments by clicking here.

The pre-typed comments feature will allow for a more comprehensive audit and offence history trail, making it quicker and easier for any user to get a complete history of an offence record.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the pre-typed comments functionality in StarTraq Dome

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