Speed Watch Import (01:28)

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Welcome to another new features video. This video will demonstrate StarTraq Dome’s ‘Speed Watch Import’ feature.

Previously, a separate application was required to import ‘speed watch’ records, this can now be done directly from within the Dome using the ‘Import’ menu.

Users can now import CSV files directly into the Dome. To do this go to the ‘Speed Watch Import’ sub menu in the main ‘Import’ menu.

Once users have imported a CSV file, the Dome will display a summary of the import. The information displayed will include:

  • the date and time of the upload
  • the date and time that the processing of the upload started and finished
  • the user who uploaded the file
  • the number of incidents processed and the number of errors
  • the upload status
  • access to a log file to see error messages
  • the lead ‘Speed watch’ volunteer’s name and
  • the ID of the station uploading the file

Imports can also be scheduled for an alternative date and time should you wish to delay the upload.

Processed uploads will be added as films in the system.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the ‘Speed Watch Import’ functionality in StarTraq Dome

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