04. Workspaces (2:00)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will explain the workspaces functionality in the Dome.

Workspaces are folders to organise your workload. Essentially, they are shortcuts to find offences more quickly. Workspaces are formed from tasks and a task is a set of filters, for example, you might want a separate workspace for speeding offences and red-light offences.

Workspaces can be accessed by clicking on the workspaces button in the top left corner… If you have a green tick next to the button it means that you are currently in a workspace. Hover over the button to see which workspace you currently have selected. If you click the workspaces button the Dome will display all the workspaces available to you, and the current workspace you are in will be highlighted in blue.

You can expand different workspaces to see what tasks are within each of them. The numbers in brackets represent how many offences are contained within that workspace and each of its corresponding tasks.

There are a few options across the top of the workspaces section. These include: a button to expand or collapse all the workspaces, workspace filters to allow users, with the right permissions, to see the workload of other users in the Dome. There is also a checkbox to show empty workspaces and a button to refresh the workspaces.

An example of using workspaces would be to see which offences need to be verified. To find this, click the workspaces button, expand the Image Verification workspace by clicking on the cross on the left, then select the task ‘Image Requiring Verification’. This would then display the films and offences that require verifying.

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