05. Context Menu Overview (1:45)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video explains the context menu.

The context menu allows users to set the properties of films or offences. To access the context menu, right click on a film or an offence. Actions can be performed on multiple offences at the same time as long they are checked.

Users will be able to perform the following tasks by right-clicking on a film:

  • Set all film properties – This includes the location, the officer, defining the camera, the offence type and who the film is assigned to. All these settings can also be made individually in the context menu. So, if you just need to set a film’s location or define the camera then you can use these options.
  • The context menu also gives users the ability to assign and unassign work. This can either be done to a group, a particular user or yourself.
  • Users can also delete films from the system if they have ‘administrator’ permissions to do so.

Users will be able to perform the following tasks on offences:• You can reject an offence

  • Perform a user action
  • Set properties
  • Assign or unassign users
  • Perform quick or advanced printing of document templates. Create brand new documents using Microsoft Word or the Dome’s inbuilt letter generator and generate court dockets.
  • Set multiple flags on or off
  • Delete the offence
  • Or upload new media to the offence

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