01. Logging In (1:32)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will show you how to login to the StarTraq Dome.

In front of you is the Dome login screen. You will be required to enter your username and your password which will be provided to you by your systems administrator.

Should you wish to change your password in the future, it will need to adhere to your organisations password policy guidelines.

I am now going to log into the Dome, depending on your password policy you may be asked to change your password.

I will now enter a new password, after entering the new password I will hit submit.

If this is the first time you are logging in, your film list will be blank, as shown now.

If you have previously logged in, your film list will be the same as when you previously logged off, as shown on the screen.

Please note the menu on the top right of your screen. This is used for: changing your password, logging out of the system and accessing help guides and software release notes.

Login attempts are setup and configured in the Dome.  So, if you enter your password incorrectly a certain number of times, you will be locked out of the system. Please contact your system administrator to unlock your account.

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Please contact us if you would like to learn more about logging into the StarTraq Dome

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