02. Inbox Overview (2:05)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will give you an overview of the Inbox.

The Inbox is where a user spends most of their time whilst using Dome. To make things clearer we have divided the Inbox into four sections: A, B, C and D.

  • Section A contains a link to the Dome’s in-built dashboards that give a live overview of the system. Dome’s search bar to access films and offences quickly. Workspaces organise a user’s workload. The recent button shows the most recent offences viewed by a user. The quick action buttons allows users to enact rules, add comments and documents.
  • Section B is where films and offences are displayed. Film and offence information is displayed in columns. User can decide which columns are visible or hidden and their position can be changed simply by dragging them. This entire section can be hidden or re-sized like this.
  • Section C contains all the offence data, which can be accessed through these tabs and include the images, documents, comments, offender and vehicle details.
  • Section D is the main menu of the Dome. It contains links to the Inbox, the manage menu, which allows administrators to configure the Dome, the import menu to upload data into the system, the export menu for exporting data, the reporting and statistics menu and the setup menu to further customise options in the Dome. The top menu allows users to change their password, logout of the system, access help guides and software release notes.

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