06. Verify An Offence (1:48)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video explains how to verify and accept or reject an offence.

To access the verification screen in the Dome you will need to make sure you have the images tab selected.

The verification panel is located to the right of the image that you are viewing. It contains all the relevant information on the offence such as:

  • The date and time it occurred
  • The type of vehicle that was driven
  • The location where it happened
  • The recorded speed of the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s licence plate registration details
  • The PNC button to retrieve the vehicle keeper details from the police national computer
  • A list of rejection reasons
  • And finally, the accept offence and undo last buttons

To verify an offence, follow these steps:

  • Check that the date and time match up to the datablock on the image
  • Make sure the correct vehicle type is selected
  • Select the correct location (if it has not already been uploaded from the camera)
  • Check that the speed matches the datablock
  • Click the PNC button to perform a Police National Computer check to retrieve the vehicle keeper’s information.
  • And finally click the accept button to send the offence to the next stage in the process

To reject an offence, simply scroll through the list of rejection reasons, and double click the reason to reject the offence. Reject reasons are fully customisable by your administrator. Reports can then be generated based on selected reject reasons.

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