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Welcome to our customer portal video tutorials. This video will show you the process of renewing a licence.

The look of your portal may be slightly different to the portal shown in this video. I will demonstrate renewing a skip licence; the steps taken will be similar to any licence type in the system.

Click on the ‘Renew / Apply for a licence or service’ button.

Select the licence type you wish to renew. I will select ‘Skips’. The second dropdown will allow you to apply for a brand-new licence or renew an existing one. I will select ‘Renew’. If you are missing supporting documentation required for the licence renewal or your existing documentation has expired, you will be prompted to upload this before continuing the renewal.

A list of licences that can be renewed will be displayed. Check which licence you want to renew by clicking the checkbox.

Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Displayed will be the application information from your initial application. Select the new ‘Expiry Date’ by either typing the date in or by using the calendar button to the right.

Update any application information such as address or emergency contact details and click the ‘Next’ Button.

For this example we are renewing a skip licence, these additional application questions will vary depending on what application type you are renewing.

Click the ‘Next’ button to continue.

The final screen before payment is a confirmation of the terms and conditions

We will click the terms and conditions confirmation and the ‘Finalise application (s)’ button to finalise the application.

To pay for your application renewal, click the ‘Proceed to payment’ button to be taken to the payment screen. Enter your payment card details, billing address and confirmation email address. Click on the ‘Continue’ button to make the payment. Before seeing the payment confirmation screen, you mustn’t exit or close the payment window. If you do this, the payment may not be taken.    If you are not required to pay prior to submitting the application renewal then you will be redirected back to the main dashboard after submitting the application.

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