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Welcome to our customer portal video tutorials. This video will show you how to register for an account.

The look of your customer portal may be different to the portal shown in this video. The steps that need to be taken will be the same.

To get started, click on the ‘register’ button.

Enter the details requested. Your email address will be used to log in to your account and will need to be verified before you are given access. Your email only needs to be verified once. You cannot use the same email for multiple accounts. If you manage numerous licence applications for different companies, we would advise creating separate accounts for each organisation.

Your password will need to conform to the password policy implemented by the local authority. The

Click the ‘Next’ button to move onto the next registration screen.

Enter the details of the main contact within your company. This could be the details you have previously entered or somebody else. For example, you may want to nominate an employee to manage the account. Click the ‘Next’ button to continue.

The next screen requires you to enter the details of your company. This includes your company name, number, type, address and invoice details. Use the quick address lookup to find your address more quickly.

Click the ‘Next’ button and then the ‘Create account’ button to confirm the confirmation of your account. An email will then be sent to your email account to verify your account.

Once verified, you can log in with your chosen email and password.

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