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Welcome to our customer portal video tutorials. This video will show you an overview of your customer account.

The look of your portal may be slightly different to the portal shown in this video. The steps taken will be the same.

Once you have logged into the customer portal with your email address and password, the account overview screen is displayed.

This screen contains links to the different areas and actions you can perform in the portal.

Such as:

  • ‘Renew or apply for multiple licences or services’, for example, skips, a-boards, street café seating and more
  • ‘My applications’ contains all completed licence applications
  • ‘Applications pending approval’ displays all completed applications that the local authority needs to approve
  • Some applications will require review from the local authority, requiring you to pay for the application later. Any ‘application requiring payment’ will be displayed here
  • ‘My saved applications’ contains any saved applications you have started but have not yet finished
  • ‘My details and documents’ is where you can update your personal information and upload and update supporting documents for applications such as public liability insurance
  • Manage user accounts allows you to manage the individual users registered to the account
  • Finally, ‘change my password’ allows you to change your login details and log off will exit you out of the portal

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