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Welcome to our customer portal video tutorials. This video will demonstrate how to manage multiple users on your account.

Our customer portal supports the ability for one account to have multiple users within it. This is useful if your organisation is large and spread across multiple sites.

The look of your portal may be slightly different to the portal shown in this video. The steps taken will be the same.

To manage the users on your account, click on the ‘Manage user accounts’ button in the account overview screen. Displayed will be all the users currently against the account. To edit any of the details of an existing user, click on the user’s name and then on the ‘pencil’ icon. You will be able to edit users: first name, surname, mobile and office telephone numbers. Check this box to give the user administrator privileges. If you want to delete a user, click on the ‘trash’ icon here. You will be asked to then confirm your choice.

To add a new user click on the ‘Add new user button’. Complete the required information. Check if the new user needs to be an administrator and click ‘Save’.

The new user will now be on the user list.

A confirmation email will be sent to the new user.

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