West Yorkshire Police

The majority of admissions and nominations are processed online using StarPortal in West Yorkshire. The time saved has freed up 3 full-time clerical staff to support the expansion of new road safety measures across the County.

The West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership (WYSCP) aims to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads of West Yorkshire by improving driving standards through education and enforcement. This goal is achieved by installing road safety improvement measures at the worst casualty hotspots, for example, fixed speed control safety cameras, mobile safety camera patrols, and traffic signal cameras.

Until recently, the recipient of a Notice of Intended Prosecution would have to complete a paper S172 form and return it by post. This was inconvenient for the public and resulted in the laborious scanning and processing of thousands of paper forms by back-office staff.

WYSCP wanted to move with the times and give the accused motorist the option to submit an admission or nominate another driver online. To that end, WYSCP invested in StarTraq’s StarPortal system.

Read our full West Yorkshire Police case study here.

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