West Midlands Police go live with StarTraq’s online evidence review and nominations portal.

We are delighted to announce that West Midlands Police have recently gone live with StarPortal, our online evidence review and nominations portal. It will enable speeding motorists to view online the supporting evidence of their notice of intended prosecution (NIP) and nominate another driver if necessary.

The solution allows motorists to view captured offence images, video, and other supporting documentation, such as camera calibration certificates.

Nominations are handled via an online form, with all information feeding directly back to StarTraq’s DOME back-office system. West Midlands staff can then generate and print a new NIP for the nominated driver.

Given our experience with our other clients who have StarPortal, we anticipate that West Midlands Police will receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced re-keying and processing time.
  • An improved user experience for the public and available 24/7/365.
  • Faster receipt of nominations.
  • Reduced telephone enquiries.
  • Less paper and postage are better for the environment.

StarPortal went live in March 2023.

To find out more about StarPortal, click here.

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