03. Images Tab Overview (2:23)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will give you an overview of the images tab.

The ‘images tab’ stores all the images related to an offence record; it also contains the verification panel. Commonly this is known as image verification. The tab is made up of 3 sections:

The first is the ‘Image Enhancement section’, it contains the image enhancement tools to aid you with verifying an offence and displays any image or video from the media section for enhancement. The Image enhancement tools video will explain these in more detail.

The second is offence media section, it contains all the images and videos associated with the offence. Any new media saved against the offence will be stored here. Click on each image or video thumbnail to preview in full.

The third is the verification panel, this where you check that the offence information is correct such as the date, time, speed, red time and location. You can also update the vehicle type if you need to. Click here to perform a Police National Computer check to retrieve the vehicle keeper’s details and their vehicle details as well, should the need arise you can edit these fields. Once you are happy that all the details are correct, go ahead and click accept to proceed with the offence. If for any reason you think that you should not proceed with the offence, double click on one of the rejection reasons to reject it. If you accept or reject the offence and realise you’ve made a mistake you can click the ‘undo last’ button. Finally, if there are multiple offences relating to an image, for example speeding and running a red-light, tick the ‘create duplicate of offence’ box and a duplicate offence will be created for you to verify.

Once you have either Accepted or Rejected the offence, it will disappear from your screen and the next offence in your list will appear. If you reach the end of a film, you get the following message. “No more new offences for this film, please refresh to check if additional offences have been loaded for this film”

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