02. Overview Tab Overview (2:08)

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Welcome to another Dome tutorial, this video will introduce you to the ‘Overview’ tab.

The overview tab gives you a read only summary of an offence record. It is broken up into 5 sections: record status, offence details, main image, offender details and last comment.

  • ‘Record status’ gives an overview of the offence status in the Dome. This will update as the offence moves through the different stages of the system. For example, the offence workspace, the workflow status, offence state, disposal type and any flags set on the record, for example the NIP timer
  • ‘Offence details’ gives an overview of the offence properties such as the type, speed or redtime values, date, location and vehicle details. There is also a count of how many other offences are in the Dome with the same offender or Vehicle. This will help identify multiple offenders.
  • The ‘Main image’ displays the default image for the offence record.
  • ‘Offender details’ shows the main details of the current offender such as: name, address, licence number and date of birth.
  • Finally, ‘last comment’ will display the most recent comment that has been added to the offence record

The information displayed is reactive to the data held against the offence at the time. This means that before the Police National Computer or PNC check all empty fields will be displayed, after the PNC check only the fields that contain data will be displayed.

The Record status, offence and offender details sections can be customised to show only the information that you find useful. To do this simply click on the cog wheel icon and select the information that you want to display. Click save to confirm your choices.

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Please contact us if you would like to learn more about using the overview tab in the StarTraq Dome

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