StarTraq’s future proofed solution ready to process new mobile phone offences

Under current laws it is illegal to call or text using your mobile phone whilst driving. Planned changes to mobile phone laws mean drivers will also be prosecuted for using their mobile phones for other purposes such as taking photos, recording videos and scrolling through a playlist or other mobile application. Drivers who are caught face a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice and six points on their driving licence.

New motor laws often result in the need for new camera technology to help the police capture these offences. StarTraq’s future proofed back-office solution, DOME can be used to process any camera captured offence, from any camera source. This includes any adaptions made to existing camera technology or any future camera technology that may be developed to tackle these offences. The DOME can also be used to duplicate offence evidence to create a brand new offence without the need to re-import it. This would allow any mobile phone offences captured on a speed camera to be turned into a new offence record at the click of a button.

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