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Use our enforcement software solutions to help tackle speeding and save lives

StarTraq offer a range of software solutions to help police forces globally to enforce their camera captured speeding offences. StarTraq Dome is our browser-based back office solution that is built using the latest technology. The software can map an enforcement authority’s business processes using its graphical workflow engine. Dome can interface with all leading speed camera manufacturers and give back office staff an organised inbox of work to process. Management and administrators have access to comprehensive reporting tools and audit trails.

For privacy purposes, in some jurisdictions there is a requirement to blank/blur out the identity of the driver or passenger in a vehicle. StarTraq’s Dome software allows a user to manually blank out a section of an image or it can automate the blurring of everything in the image except the number plate.

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Speed Enforcement

Some of the key features of StarTraq Dome are:

  • License Plate Recognition – Dome automatically loads offence data from the images generated by enforcement cameras into the database. Find out more.
  • Verification and Adjudication – Dome back office features a range of features to help staff quickly and accurately verify an offence. Find out more.
  • Document Management – Dome has a comprehensive document management solution (DMS). Find out more.
  • Batch Printing – Our batch printing module allows users to have multiple notice templates for printing and archiving offence notices and reminders. Find out more.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office – DomeForOffice is a set of plugins for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Find out more.
  • Management Reports – Dome features comprehensive reporting and management tools. Find out more.
  • Court File Production – Generate court files at the click of a button. Find out more.
  • Automated Customisable Workflow – Dome features a graphical workflow engine that drives business processes from start to finish. Find out more.
  • Optical Character Recognition – Dome’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine ensures that data from all incoming documents and responses are accurate. Find out more.
  • Black / White List Functionality – Dome supports the import, management and use of black and white lists. Find out more.

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