Durham Constabulary work with StarTraq to improve their safety camera enforcement programme

StarTraq are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract by Durham Constabulary to provide our browser-based traffic enforcement solution, DOME.

In the interests of road safety, Durham Constabulary are investing in the latest mobile enforcement camera technology. To help cope with the anticipated increase in processing volumes, Durham looked at the various back-office software solutions in the market and chose to modernise their system with StarTraq as their preferred partner.

The project is due to go live in April 2020 and the efficiencies achieved through the implementation of the DOME document management system will enable Durham Constabulary’s prosecution team to significantly increase the number of offences being processed with limited increase to their team size.

Allan Freinkel, Chairman of StarTraq Limited commented “Durham Constabulary recognised that StarTraq’s total cost of ownership made a compelling economic and operational business case and we are looking forward to working with them to deliver their objectives.”

The majority of UK police forces choose StarTraq as their preferred software partner for traffic offence enforcement. The DOME solution enables police forces and local authorities to process any offence type regardless of whether it has been generated by a camera, smartphone or paper ticket. StarTraq has enjoyed continuous market share growth and 100% client retention rate in its global police market.

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About StarTraq

StarTraq’s software solutions automate offence processing for police and government authorities to issue millions of notices every year. Our cloud-based back office software solution, the Dome, can be used to process any type of offence for which a ticket can be issued e.g. speeding, running a red-light, parking, environmental crime, yellow box and bus lane offences. Our mobile ticketing application allows enforcement officers to use smartphone technology to capture, upload and print a ticket from any location. Ultimately, the main benefits of choosing StarTraq’s software solutions are quantifiable operational efficiencies driven by automation and versatility.

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