Derbyshire Constabulary invest in StarTraq’s online nominations portal

StarPortal allows an offender to view evidence online and nominate another party.

StarTraq are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract to provide StarPortal, our online nominations portal to Derbyshire Constabulary. Derbyshire already use StarTraq’s browser-based back office solution, DOME, to verify traffic offences. Once an offence is verified, a notice will be issued with a passcode. This passcode is then used to access StarPortal’s evidence review and nominations portal. Any nominations are sent directly back to the DOME where they are verified and a new notice to the nominated driver is created and sent.

To find out more information on StarPortal, please click here.

About StarPortal

StarPortal is a web portal that gives recipients of a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and Section 172 (S172) an easy and secure way to view their evidence online and nominate the driver of a vehicle instead of returning the paper form. We are constantly developing and improving our solution with new features such as sophisticated reporting tools and integration to companies house to confirm registered addresses are coming soon.

Key features of StarPortal

  • Ability to nominate another driver
  • Access to photographic evidence of an offence
  • Ability to view all associated supporting documents such as: Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), camera calibration certificates and location maps
  • View supporting video of an offence

Key benefits of StarPortal

  • Instant confirmation for the public that a nomination has been received
  • Reduction in back office tasks such as sorting, opening and scanning of nominations
  • No data entry required
  • Reduction in telephone queries from the public

To find out more information on StarPortal, please click here.

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