Brighton & Hove City Council begin issuing Community Protection Warnings and Notices using StarTraq’s environmental enforcement solution

StarTraq is delighted to announce that Brighton and Hove City Council has begun issuing Community Protection Warnings (CPWs) and Notices (CPNs) using our environmental enforcement solution, DOME. Brighton and Hove City Council can address offences that have a negative impact on a community’s quality of life by issuing a CPW and serving a CPN in accordance with the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. Any behaviour that is detrimental to a community’s quality can result in a CPW and CPN.

StarTraq provides the council with a mobile ticketing application that enables enforcement officers to issue CPW’s from any location, using a smartphone device and portable Bluetooth printer. Offence information is also sent to the DOME back-office where the whole lifecycle of the offence is managed and all future correspondence is stored. A CPN is issued if an individual, business or organisation fails to comply with the warning from the initial CPW.

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