Ashford Borough Council partners with StarTraq

Ashford Borough Council, like many other local authorities, has the challenge and cost of keeping its streets and public places clean and tidy. Investing more money into cleaning up litter is not addressing the cause of the problem. Education and enforcement is required to change people’s behaviour towards littering.

To tackle this problem, Ashford Council is investing in digital transformation technology to help streamline the enforcement of environmental crimes such as littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping.

As part of their mission to improve services and ensure efficiencies, the Council have invested in using smartphone technology to issue and print all Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). By issuing tickets electronically, officers are able to spend more time patrolling communities targeting environmental crime hotspots. There is no need for the officer to return paper tickets to the office or manually enter ticket details into a back-office solution.

Ashford has turned to experienced software provider StarTraq for their Environmental Enforcement ‘Software as a Service’ solution. The system, which is due to go live very soon, will enable Ashford’s Environmental Enforcement officers to use a smartphone and Bluetooth printer to issue environmental crime FPNs and notices on the spot which will be synced to the back office in real-time and made available immediately for perpetrators to pay online.

To find out more information about our Environmental Enforcement solution, click here.

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