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Welcome to another video about new features in the Dome. This video will show you how to use the new Weeding functionality.

Weeding is the process in the workflow to delete an offence’s information after a specific period as defined by your administrator. Weeding is critical in making sure that an organisation follows GDPR and Data Protection laws. The advantage of weeding is that while all personal data can be removed, the offence’s NIP number, date and time remain. This means that you can still run statistical reports on the deleted offences without having to keep any of the personal information.

Weeding is configured in the graphical workflow of the Dome. Weeding rules are made up of conditions and activities.

In the example shown, two weeding conditions have been set: Firstly, the offence date is greater than 48 months and secondly, the offence is not already assigned to the weeding group. A list of other conditions can also be selected here. To use any, simply drag and drop them into the rule.

Activities are the workflow actions that will be taken once the conditions are met. The example shown has the activity ‘weed offence’ selected, alternatively you could just weed the offence’s documents or images and videos if preferred. The other activities are: assign to the workflow group ‘weeding’ and set all ‘workflow flags off’.

Here is an example of a weeded offence where all the personal data has been removed.

To find out more on weeding please contact our support team on support@startraq.com.

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